Taryn Langer

Founder, Taryn Langer of Moxie Communications Group, an agency that she started with the belief that the role of a communications partner should be to help clients turn their company mission and vision into news, and to also help media uncover the best stories about players shaking up traditional markets. She works closely with clients to define their brand stories and connect with audiences.

Taryn started her career 16 years ago at The William Morris Agency. After spending the first half of her career working in entertainment, she fell in love with the spirit of innovation happening within startups and dedicated her work to helping startups disrupt the status quo.

She’s launched some of the most exciting startups including Dollar Shave Club, Casper, Vroom, DogVacay, Raden, Tradesy and more. In addition to working with startups, she helps mature companies reimagine their brand stories and connect with new media opportunities.

She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and although she was born and raised in LA, she’s now a New Yorker for life